Moving to FastMail

January 10, 2014 // General

I’ve been a fan of Google like many for a long time. When Google Apps launched I jumped straight in with the now defunct free personal account plan and had to put up with all the quirks that came with it, such as delayed product launches (Google+ did not support Google Apps accounts for quite a while, not that it mattered in the end) and persistent browser messages about how my account was managed across the various Google services. Although not particularly alarming to me, the recent revelations over data snooping and some of their design changes, such as multiple inboxes which just jarred with my personal workflow, left me a little despondent with the whole Google account thing. I then tried logging in to a rarely-used standalone Google account, for use when my Apps one would not suffice, to find it had been suspended due to a breach of their T&Cs. The lack of recourse or explanation was the last nail in the coffin. I could no longer trust them. It was over. Continue reading →

If you lose track of school holiday dates and wish you could have a handy reminder for your diary/calendar, well so did I. As I couldn’t find anything that suited my purposes, I decided to put together a public calendar of school holiday dates for the UK, which you can easily add and subscribe to in most calendar applications, such as Outlook and Google (or anything that supports the iCal format). Continue reading →

After three years (almost to the day) with the ever-growing FrogTrade, I took the decision to say farewell at the beginning of 2013. When a chance to work with the excellent Groupcall arose, I jumped at the opportunity. It wasn’t without some hesitation as I have worked with some fantastic people and it’s always hard to say goodbye. However, I also knew a few of my soon-to-be colleagues from previous roles in other organisations, as well as having a professional relationship with Groupcall as a company for many years, so I felt I had a good understanding of the ethos of the business, which would make it a natural progression and a good fit for me personally. Continue reading →

BETT 2013 brings a lot of changes, none more so than for Frog. With a new-look stand and a preview of the upcoming new Frog platform (currently referred to as Frog OS), we’ll also be showcasing our brand-new Windows 8 App, created in partnership with Microsoft, following the recent launch of Windows 8.
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Frog is running a fantastic competition for the BETT 2013 Show to highlight just a few of our partners who are also exhibiting, with some great prizes on offer. It’s a great way of visiting a range of exhibitors while also increasing the value from your time at the show by seeing and speaking to some exhibitors you may not have had the chance to otherwise.  Continue reading →